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What Is A Digital Nomad?

Updated: Jan 8

What is it, How to do it, And the scams to avoid!

Imagine waking up to the gentle caress of Mediterranean sunlight in Italy, or the bustling energy of a market in Morocco. Picture yourself exploring the rich historical tapestry of Amsterdam by day, and attending a vibrant networking event in Seoul by night. This is the life of a digital nomad – a life where the world is not just a playground but an office without borders.

For those who might be new to the concept, a digital nomad is someone who uses technology to earn a living and conducts their life in a nomadic manner. It's a lifestyle that embraces freedom, adventure, and the digital age’s flexibility.

I'm Kaylee, and I have ventured through the deserts of Morocco, the historical streets of Salem, the artistic alleys of Amsterdam, the ancient ruins of Italy, and so much more!

As a seasoned digital nomad, I guide aspiring adventurers through the transition into this liberating lifestyle across four different industries. Whether you're a writer, a programmer, an online marketer, or a consultant, I have insights that can pave your way to a nomadic life.

One might wonder, what ties all these experiences together for digital nomads like myself? It’s the tantalizing question that always hovers in our minds: "Where to go next?" This is perhaps the most delightful (and the only) challenge a digital nomad faces. With the whole world as your potential destination, each location not only offers a new backdrop for your Zoom calls but also a new culture to immerse in, new cuisines to savor, and new friendships to forge.

Being a digital nomad is about more than just exotic backdrops for your workday; it's a transformative journey. It's about pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, finding courage in the unknown, and accepting the endless possibilities that come with a business and life built on the move.

The phrase "digital nomad" captures a spirit that many yearn for – the spirit of freedom, exploration, and the empowerment of self-sufficiency in the digital era. If you've ever felt the pull of the horizon, or the call of distant lands, know that it's within your grasp.

Do You Have To Travel To Be A Digital Nomad?

No, you don't have to travel. You could very well just become a digital nomad and relax within the comfort of your own home, while everyone else you know is stuck living the 9-5 corporate grind. When you do become this digital nomad, you have the freedom of mobility as well as flexibility, that everyone else craves. But how did I become a digital nomad, and how do others do it?

Well, in order to become this digital nomad and to be able to live this life of freedom, I built myself multiple online streams of income. Now, that's what I help other people do-for a living! I've mastered four different industries of making money online and I help others build up those same income streams, in order for them to create their own online empire.

Within my membership I actually teach and show others how I built my online empire from ground 0, from scratch! And I did so all by myself. This was NOT without trial and error, many mistakes, and being scammed several times. So, while building your empire online you have to be aware of the many frauds and scams that are out there.

Spotting The Scams While Building An Empire

The MLM pyramid scheme hierarchies that claim to be affiliate programs, the discords to help you build up a proper drop shipping store but they leave you high and dry, and of course the ad agencies that claim to have the "very system" to help scale your business and they charge an arm and a leg-without actually catering to what your business needs.

While building up my online presence to become a digital nomad, I too fell for the ad agencies that claimed to know the "secrets" in order to help scale someones business. Losing more than $40,000 dollars later- none of it ended up being something that I hadn't already discovered a long the way-for myself.

Within my business of helping others to become digital nomads, I do take a lot of pride in teaching other's what these ad agencies do, in your ad accounts, for not even a fraction of their price tag.

One ad agency costed me a total of $24,000 dollars, only to discover that most of the "leads" they were getting my business in front of, ended up being paid-for bots (not real people and not real accounts). Another agency that makes claims to help scale online businesses, costed me $12,000 dollars. This is where I ultimately learned, to never hire an ad agency again, because if you're not building just another ad agency, that they can comprehend and relate to, they won't know how to actually assist your online business needs. Typically, these ad agencies only know how to build up other ad agencies. In addition, once they take your money and you're in their program- they will leave you high and dry. Once they realize their methods won't work for you.

This also happened to me. The ad agency that costed me the 12k, didn't know how to help me truly after I told them repeatedly that it was my own organic methods from my tiktok and Instagram accounts-that ended up helping me scale my business. After this happened on multiple occasions they ended up deleting me from their slack channel (which is typically an ad agencies form of communication) and made the support email I was given-obsolete.

Many MLM's out there surfing the internet, will claim to be affiliate programs. When I started the process of learning about affiliate marketing, as a way to make money online, I ended up discovering how to spot the illegitimate "programs" because I fell for some of those MLM's also. Many that claim to be high-earning affiliate programs, will try to charge you just to enter into a facebook page or group. Within these hierarchies it ends up being a course on how to sell only that particular course-and that's it. You won't actually learn any high-income skills and you won't learn any marketing strategies. Those same "programs" (if you want to call them that) will claim to give you better insight and a more "tight-knit" 1 on 1 training with group creator, but you have to pay thousands more each time you want to get more insights.

Other MLM's out there will follow this same strategy but have a bit of a twist to them. The twist is claiming you'll get a "higher commission pay-out" but only if you pay more money into them-each time.

These are not real affiliate programs.

When you are digital nomad and earning money online as an affiliate, you are a salesman (or promoter/influencer) for your chosen company or products of choice. Legitimate high-earning affiliate programs, are a pay once to get in and in exchange you obtain the programs services and actually learn high income skills. Usually, if you want to get into a high-ticket affiliate program you do have to pay, but as mentioned-it's only once. High-earning affiliate commissions are usually $500 dollars and over. Other legitimate affiliate programs are free, however, the ones that are free are low-earning (low-ticket) affiliate programs. Such as with Amazon, or makeup brands, or clothing brands. Once you receive your link to start promoting them-they won't teach you any strategies and you'll have to figure it out for yourself. While the commission is usually under $100 dollars.

digital nomad in morocco
Kaylee meeting monkeys in Morocco

When you want to be a digital nomad while participating in drop-shipping, you'll have to be aware that there are many misconceptions about what real drop-shipping actually is. Many advertisements or influencers you find online, will talk about drop-shipping cheap quality products from china through what is known as the Dsers app. Or, you'll find people showing how they slapped some bs logo on some articles of clothing in order to sell online through printiful, printify, shopify, etc.

First, if you are not already a big-time influencer with at least one million followers or more-no one is going to care about buying your face or logo on a t-shirt or any other item for that matter. Second, drop-shipping through the Dsers app from china is incredibly unreliable and cheap quality. You'll also have no price control and the suppliers often do not fulfill orders correctly-and sometimes not at all. Those of us that are successful with real drop- shipping, are the middle man merchants between top tier domestic suppliers within the United States and their customers.

By far, the best way to become a digital nomad is through Entrepreneurship. By building your own high-ticket service based business, you'll be the digital nomad making 100% of the profits and racking in people's salaries-in a month. Entrepreneurship is the hardest thing you'll ever do! But I can tell you from experience, that it is absolutely worth it.

My name is Kaylee, and I turn the cubicle captive into the jet-setting nomad! I built SuccessWithKaylee LLC (SWK) to provide Digital Nomad Mastery to people like you-who crave a better life, and to be rid of the miserable corporate grind forever! Within this empire that I built from scratch, I show and teach you how to do the very same! All my clients get to work with me 1 on 1 and I help my members, personally, each week.

From the four major digital nomad industries, to marketing coaching, ad building, sales training and more! SWK is the ONLY one-stop-shop you're going to find to help you become that digital nomad.

So, join me in this journey. Let’s explore how to take your professional life on the road, balance work with wanderlust, and embrace the digital nomad lifestyle. Are you ready to discover the reality where we are free to wander? Remember, as a digital nomad, your next destination is just a decision away. Where will your journey take you?

SWK, Providing Digital Nomad Mastery. Where we turn the cubicle captives into the jet-setting nomad!


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